30 November

Open Minds at UOC: Peter Baptist 'The Art of Teaching Maths'

Teacher Development

Vídeo with Spanish subtitles >>

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This content is also featured in the Open Minds social portal of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

Peter Baptist was one of the Demo presenters at the VIII International Seminar of the UOC UNESCO Chair in e-LearningTeacher Training: Reconsidering Teachers’ Roles” You can find the link to the video of his presentation, along with the presentations and videos of all keynote speakers and demo presenters of the event, in the VIII International Seminar’s presentations page.

10 November

VIII International Seminar "Teacher Training: Reconsidering Teachers' Roles" Summary Video

Teacher Development

24 October

VIII Seminar Demo: "Training New teachers for Secondary Education" (Teresa Guasch & Guillermo Bautista)

Teacher Development

23 October

Closing Remarks of the VIII International Seminar - Teacher Training: Reconsidering Teachers' Roles" (By Julià Minguillón)

Education Worldwide, Teacher Development

21 October

VIII Seminar Demo: "Developing technological capabilities" (Open Institute of Catalonia - IOC)

Learning Technologies, Teacher Development

IOC Staff members (presenters): Jordi Moral i Ajado, Jordi Blanch i Huguet, Diego Haro Nieto

20 October

VIII Seminar Keynote: The Usual Suspects? "Teachers, Their Challenges and Development" (By Ferran Ruiz Tarragó)

Teacher Development

19 October

VIII Seminar Demo: "Enhancing the creativity of children through the use of digital video technology" (By Janak Bhimani)

Learning Technologies, Teacher Development

18 October

VIII International Seminar: Demo Proposals Worth-Reading

ICT4D, Teacher Development


The VIII International Seminar “Teacher Training: Reconsidering Teacher’s Roles” took place more than a week ago. Now, while we keep posting the presentations of our keynote speakers and demo presenters, we have also decided to publish some of the demo proposals received during the Call for Demos. Of course,  the authors have given us the permission to share their demo proposals in this blog. Although this demo proposals were not selected to be included in the definitive program of the Seminar, we are sure you will find them quite interesting.

1) Case Studies & Country-based Demo proposals:

Teacher Training in Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust. Case study from Pakistan

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 174 KB)

Author: Mrs Abida Mahmood (PGCE- London) (TEFL-London) (MA Eng- PU)
Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust (Administrator )
Pakistan Education Watch (General Secretary )
Teacher Trainer from UK
Member: IATEFL (UK), NATE (UK), SPELT (Pakistan), Focus (Pakistan)

Professional Development of Primary School Teachers in Iran  (Challenges and Perspectives)

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 184 KB)

Author: Fouzieh Sabzian
PhD Student in Education
University of Sains Malaysia
Pinang, Malaysia

Providing e-learning Capacity Training Courses to Teachers Working in Early Child Care Centres (A Case Study)

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 184 KB)

Author: Doris Anusi and Jecinta Anagbogu
Senior Programme Officers (Lagos Office)
Society for Promotion of Education and Development (SPED)


2) Platform-based Demo proposal:

OpenSE Project – Towards an Open Educational Framework for Software Engineering

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 172 KB)

Author: José Carvalho
Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (SPI)
Project website: www.opense.net


3) European Project:

ITEMS Project: Improving Teacher Education in Mathematics and Science

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 48 KB)

Author: Bernat Martínez
ITEMS Coordinator
ITEMS Project website: itemspro.net/moodle/
ITEMS Project blog: itemspro.net

18 October

VIII Seminar Keynote: "Enhancing the status and professionalism of teachers in the digital age" (By Edem Adubra)

Teacher Development

17 October

VIII Seminar Demo: "Using Authentic Learning and Social Media for Developing 21st Century Pedagogical Skills in Teacher Education" (By Hanna Teräs)

Teacher Development

16 October

VIII Seminar Keynote: "Higher Education Curricula, Technology and the Changing Role of the Teacher in the 21st Century" (By Hannes Klöpper)

Teacher Development

15 October

VIII Seminar Keynote: "Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change" (By Douglas Thomas)

Teacher Development

14 October

VIII Seminar Demo: "New Learning Team: Time for Creativity and Collaboration in Teacher Education" (By Signe Sutherland & David Pitcher)

Teacher Development

13 October

Best Twitter users during the #eLChair11 seminar


Why prizes for tweets?

This is an effort to encourage participants, specially the first-time and “virtual” attendees to tweet their conference experiences, attitudes and reactions. Our criteria to determine the winners included:

  • Following closely, strong engagement (number of tweets).
  • Synthesizing a speaker’s argument.
  • Paraphrasing a key point.
  • Quoting a great line.
  • Questioning some statements.
  • Suggesting a new angle to the idea.
  • Offering an additional source.


In a nutshell: adding value and engaging into the discussion.

As we announced before the start of the VIII International Seminar, we are glad to reveal the identities of the best Twitter users who most actively participated in the #eLChair11 stream. First, a few stats about the Twitter tream: in two days we had more than 1400 tweets from 243 different users, following a very Pareto-like distribution: the most active 42 users (17.3%) generated 1171 tweets (82.7%).

So, we would like to award both @Networking_Lady (Sigi Jakob) and @torresk (Ricardo Torres) as the most outstanding Twitter participants, with 182 and 118 tweets respectively.

Last, but not least, we think that @timbuckteeth (Steve Wheeler) also deserves a very special mention (and a prize as well) as he was able to give his talk, ask questions to the other speakers and, at the same time, post twice in his blog as well as generate more than 200 tweets; that’s what we call a tremendous attendee!!!

The prize is a book of winner’s choice which will be sent to their his/her home via amazon.com, so the winners, please, contact us and tell us which book you want and other mailing details (email us catedraunesco[at]uoc.edu).


13 October

VIII Seminar Keynote: "Learning and Teaching in the Digital Age" (By Steve Wheeler)

Learning Technologies

10 October

The 1st Working After-Seminar Day

Misc., Teacher Development

VIII Seminar Group

Cordial greetings!

During two days we had been discussing variety of issues in teacher training: reconsidering teachers’ roles in our VIII International Seminar in Barcelona last week. Presentations of our keynote speakers and demo presenters were followed by rich debates.

Today is the first working “after” day, and we are tiding up all the information created during the seminar. What we share today is just a tip of the iceberg, still it may be of interest of the participants, those who were lucky enough to be with us face-to-face but also those following it through live streaming and twitter.

Firstly, a few words about some stats of the seminar. We had 86 attendees from 20 different countries. During the seminar, almost 1500 tweets were generated; we will analyze them in more detail. Tweets were promoted and curated by César Córcoles, who took care of the @UOCunescochair Twitter account during the seminar. Ismael Peña was in charge of live blogging, doing an excellent work summarizing each of the talks in real time:

ICTlogy By Ismael-Peña López ( www.ictlogy.net )







Last, but not least, the seminar also generated some beautiful noise around it. Currently now we can highlight the following, but we expect this list to grow with all your post-seminar activity:

Learning with e’s By Steve Wheeler ( http://steve-wheeler.blogspot.com/ )


Grow or Pay By Hanna Teräs ( www.hannateras.com )


School Networking By Sigi Jakob ( www.school-networking.de )


In the following days we will be posting additional resources related to the seminar, such as speakers’ presentations, video recordings, your comments, etc. Therefore, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog in order to keep up to date. And, of course, if you have any idea, comment or request, do not hesitate to contact us through commenting this very same entry or our email catedraunesco[at]uoc.edu

Thank you for having been with us and keeping in touch!

05 October

LIVE Streaming & Twitter - VIII International Seminar "Teacher Training: Reconsidering Teachers' Roles"

Teacher Development

The Live Streaming of the sessions will start at 09:30 (Spain). Take a look at the Program of the Seminar and choose the ones you want to watch!

If the streaming screen below is not working, please try this link >>

Watch live video from UOC TV on en.justin.tv

You can also join the conversation in Twitter by using the hashtag #eLChair11 (@UOCunescochair).

This year we have prepared some special prizes for the most active/provoking/inspiring… Twitters. We want to hear you!


02 May

Resolució del Concurs: Imatge Gràfica del VIII Seminari Internacional de la Càtedra UNESCO


A continuació anunciem el guanyador del Concurs Imatge Gràfica del VIII Seminari Internacional de la Càtedra UNESCO:

Juan José Navarro Vallejo

Que rebrà com a premi un iPod Touch* de 8GB i uns auriculars. Enhorabona!

Aprofitem l’ocasió per agrair la participació dels estudiants del Grau en Multimèdia de la UOC i els animem a participar en futures activitats de la Càtedra UNESCO en e-Learning de la UOC.

Més abaix podeu veure els materials guanyadors, que en breu seran adaptats i incorporats a la web i materials del VIII Seminari Internacional de la Càtedra UNESCO en e-Learning de la UOC.

Moltes gràcies a tots per la vostra participació.


(Clickeu a sobre per veure-ho en la mida original)

Banner Teacher Training

Banner Teacher Training 2

Soporte BannerSoporte Banner 2


D’acord amb les Bases del Concurs, els banners i imatges guanyadors estan sota una llicència Creative Commons Atribució-Reconeixement-No Comercial 3.0 Espanya

*Fe d’errates: a les bases s’esmentava un iPod Nano de 8GB. El premi és un iPod Touch de 8BG.

05 April

Concurs: Imatge Gràfica del VIII Seminari Internacional de la Càtedra UNESCO




Enguany, la Càtedra UNESCO en e-Learning ha decidit organitzar un concurs per tal d’elaborar la imatge gràfica del seu Seminari Internacional. Aquest any el Seminari Internacional, en la seva vuitena edició, tractarà sobre Teacher Training (Formació de Professorat).

El concurs va orientat als estudiants actuals i alumni del Grau en Multimèdia de la UOC, i té per objectiu dotar el Microsite provisional de VIII Seminari Internacional amb un banner i elements gràfics creatius, alhora que vol donar l’oportunitat als alumnes i alumni del Grau en Multimèdia de posar en pràctica els coneixements adquirits i les seves capacitats creatives.

La temàtica que han de representar els materials del concurs és la formació de docents en tots els nivells (des de primària fins a universitaris) mitjançant l’ús de les TIC. També ha de reflectir l’esperit de la Càtedra UNESCO: cooperació i desenvolupament dels menys afavorits.

Els materials mínims a presentar al concurs han de ser:

1) Un banner per a pàgina web sense cap animació de les següents mides exactes: 830 x 110 píxels en format GIF, PNG o JPG. El banner ha d’incloure el texts següents: “VIII International Seminar” i “Teacher Training: Reconsidering Teachers’ Roles”.

2) Dues imatges de suport complementàries al banner d’una mida mínima de 150 x 150 píxels en format GIF, PNG o JPG.

Consulteu les bases completes del concurs per poder veure tots els detalls, requisits i el premi.

Bases completes del concurs | (Català. PDF, 335 KB)
Bases completas del concurso | (Castellano. PDF, 335 KB)
Imatge per | Daniel Morris sota Llicència Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 2.0

23 March

Call for Demos: VIII International Seminar -Teacher Training: Reconsidering the Teacher Role-

Teacher Development

VIII Seminar


Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with the experts participating in the VIII International Seminar of the UOC UNESCO Chair in e-Learning. The topic of this year is Teacher Training.

We encourage you to showcase your project, even if it is in process of development yet. You can make an informative and relevant case out of it, to share your results, your successfull practice, your discoveries but also your doubts.

Do not shy away if your project did not work out well! We fully subscribe to the idea that we might learn more from a failure than from success; the main thing is to understand: Why? What is a better solution?

Accepted projects will have 30 minutes to describe its methodology, results and so, followed by 20 minutes of discussion with the other speakers and attendees. We expect these presentations to focus on results and to be very descriptive, rather than theoretical or analytical.

In particular, the seminar organizers are keen to receive proposals that:

  • Are based on or supported by research
  • Identify the interdisciplinary nature of teacher training
  • Related to the issues of social inclusion and development
  • Analyze the impact on real communities
  • Stimulate and provoke a good discussion

Submission details:

  • Send us catedraunesco[@]uoc.edu a one-page description of your project, showing the aspects that will be more relevant to the audience according to the abovementioned criteria
  • Submission Deadline: July 1, 2011